Why Develop Solutions for the Web?

Why Develop Solutions for the Web?

OK, so why do we use web technologies to deliver our solutions, instead of say, developing something in Java or .NET?  Here are some of the benefits of writing your solution using web technologies (so called “thin client”) vs host applications (so called “thick client” apps):

  1. There is no need to install an application; almost every device and computer has a browser and access to the web.
  2. A thick-client application must be written for the platform on which it will operate.  In general that means that a different app would need to be written for Apple smartphone, Android smartphone, Windows computer, and Linux computers.  Yes, yes, we could use Java on both Windows and Linux but that’s not a valid solution for a corporate world for a variety of reasons.
  3. Even within the corporate environment (and especially outside of it), there are challenges in pulling data from one secured domain to another.  The web with so called “web services” makes this much simpler.
  4. If the web solutions is built correctly, there is almost no need to update the application when there are updates to the underlying platform (Operating System).
  5. Web solutions are much easier to build and debug.  Generally, it takes a lower skill level to write a good web application than it does to write a good “thick client” application.

In the next few lessons, we’ll take some examples and build them for the web. As we do so, we’ll talk about why, how, and where these apps are different than a corresponding thick-client application.

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