Chapter 2 – Setting up Your Development Environment

This chapter will assume a very novice developer who is just getting started. Therefore, it will assume that the reader has little knowledge of the systems and software and I will walk through each step completely and attempt to explain the “whats and whys” of each step.

As I have pointed out before, I’m not suggesting that this is the best development environment for every developer.  But, it’s important in learning to start with a foundation of knowledge and to grow from there; and so, I want to insure that everyone at least has this fundamental basis.

I love Oracle’s Virtual Box and it has become the most indispensable tool in my toolbox.  In fact, even though I worked at Microsoft for almost two decades and started using Windows when it was in its early infancy, Windows 10 with all of the heavy handed updates and such have forced me to move off of Windows completely to Ubuntu and Mint.  However, when I want to test something in Edge or IE or on Windows, I can fire up a Virtual Machine (“VM”) instance of Windows and give it a quick test, running right on top of Linux.

So let’s get started setting up our development system – using a virtual development environment

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