This Learn2Code site is focused on web development.  The beauty of web development is that it is more-or-less Platform Independent.  That is, you can develop a solution that should look great in Linux, Windows, or your smartphone.

I’m Bruce Jackson and I’ve been developing web application since the days when we had to decide to use Gopher or HTTP while employed for the “Internet Customer Unit” at Microsoft in the early 90s.  Back then, our server side coding was mostly done in C++ and almost everything broke every time a new version of a browser was released.  Today, things are so much simpler. However, there are a number of technologies to choose from.

In the next few pages or lessons, I will present my thoughts and experiences of working with web development technologies over the past three decades; and hope to provide a number of “how to” for novice or intermediate developers.

I’m mostly retired now and don’t take the time to keep up on all the newest and greatest technologies; so the reader is encouraged to use this site and these lessons as “boiler-plate” for web development.  In other words, these pages will serve as guidelines to think about as you embark on the web development adventure.

Please, take the time to drop me a note; or leave comments and questions and I’ll try to answer each one.  But remember, I’m retired and so it may take a few days.